California Dispute Resolution Council

The CDRC Mission is to:

  • Develop, support, and influence legislation and public policies promoting effective and accessible conflict resolution services;
  • Promote high standards of conduct for Dispute Resolution neutrals; and,
  • Provide a forum for building consensus and implementing principles and policies affecting the practice of dispute resolution.

CDRC advocates for ADR.

Simply, CDRC exists to uphold the integrity of alternative dispute resolution processes and to protect the livelihoods of the individuals and businesses engaged in delivering ADR services to their respective communities.

With a broad constituency that encompasses the entire ADR community coupled with a well-respected, full-time lobbyist, the CDRC is uniquely positioned.  Not only is the CDRC able to effectively evaluate matters impacting the ADR industry, but we also manifest the capacity to effectively act.

 CDRC insures the integrity of ADR.

Since its founding in 1992, the CDRC has reviewed and weighed in on more than 500 pieces of proposed legislation.  Further, the organization has written Amicus briefs and has been influential in numerous seminal ADR-related cases including Foxgate, Rojas, Simmons, Armendariz, Eisendrath and many others.  Finally, the CDRC has historically been quite effective as an industry watchdog, successfully fending off attacks from various sources such as proposals to eliminate confidentiality in mediation and taxation of neutrals to make up for budget shortfalls in the courts.

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